6 Tips Well Women Can Use to Get Through this Holiday Season

The holiday season is  here! There's no question about it: We know holiday stress is a real thing. In fact, one survey from natural health site Remedy Review of 1,000 people found that 66 percent experienced holiday stress, with money coming in the number one stress (42 percent) followed by family (20.4 percent) and travel (14.4 percent). And when they broke it down by gender, they found women were even more likely to get stressed around the holidays than men: 71.5 percent to 60.3 percent respectively.

WHY ARE WOMEN MORE STRESSED? Well women are expected to perform the majority of emotional labor in personal relationships and the majority of the duties at home. In addition, most women are also balancing work, family, and personal relationships. Which means women are expected not only to decorate the tree, but also buy the presents. Daughters are expected not only to clean the house, but also assist with cooking and other duties. Aunts are asked to help with the little ones and of course make all of it look effortless.

After a discussion with Jaree Cottman, LCSW-C, Owner/Therapist at Afya Counseling and Wellness Services, LLC we have 6 Tips Well Women Can Use to Get Through this Holiday Season. Using these tips you are destined for peace and contentment throughout 2018.

1. Socially: Surround yourself with people who fill your cup! Set clear and realistic expectations for yourself and others during this time. 

2. Mentally: Set an intention for how you want to feel. Let go of any blocks to your intention. Check in with your mental & emotional states. Get a tune up with a professional if necessary. 

3. Financially: Set & honor boundaries around your budget and spending. Are the holidays worth the debt?

4. Nutritionally: What are you eating and what’s eating you? Consider choices around what you put in your body and spirit including social media, books, television, music and of course food and drink. 

5. Physical: Take time to listen to your body! Exercise, rest and get some sunlight if you can to attune your body to its natural rhythm. 

6. Spiritually: Allow time for prayer and mediation to connect with a higher power. What are you longing for spiritually in this season?

In addition to these great tips, think of ways you can honor past traditions while also embracing new practices? Some of the greatest holiday stress can come from the struggle to make peace between what was and what is. A healthy balance is possible when you stay present! ~ Be well!