Well With Her Soul

meet teara.


Curator of Wellness behind Well With Her Soul

Teara is a accomplished health and wellness practitioner, author, professor, and the founder of Well With Her Soul. Well With Her Soul is a movement that demonstrates the truth that all women are entitled to live a healthy, thriving and well life. Teara is the owner of the Vagina Lounge, a vaginal steaming spa and She’s So Well Box, a monthly subscription box that delivers a tranquil, stress relieving, fulfilled experience to the doorsteps of women all over the world. For the last twenty years, she has worked in varying stress filled professions. As a firefighter (yes she fought fires) and a flight attendant for a total of ten years and a nonprofit professional for ten additional years. During that time she was employed but not satisfied because she has always felt like there was more meaning to life than risking it, living on the edge, building programs, or punching in numbers.

During those years, she was unsure of what her purpose was. However, after participating in various cohorts, fellowships, and honorary groups she was able to clearly narrow down what she was placed on this earth to solve. She has always taken immense pride in women empowerment and holistic wellness. After participating in the HIVE Global Leaders Program at Harvard University everything finally clicked. This is the experience that helped to birth the Vagina Lounge, Well With Her Soul, and She’s So Well. Teara is a graduate of Notre Dame of Maryland where she earned an MA in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship. She also holds a graduate certification in Negotiation and Conflict Management. She now resides in Baltimore with her daughter.