Forgiveness and Self-Love

Forgiveness is the first sign of Self-love. To forgive is the highest and the most beautiful form of love. When you forgive others, only then you have the inevitable ability to forgive and love yourself. We don’t need to learn everything in first 20 years of our lives, but we should need to learn to love ourselves in the early years of our lives, not because we want to be called narcissist or we want something in return, but because doing so will enable us to love others. It will create compassion in our personalities which is very essential in order to forgive others. If we will be willing to do it to ourselves, only then we will be able to do it for others. And if we fail in doing so, that is the reason why we take so much time in forgiving others.

Forgiveness and self-love also lead us to spiritual and emotional healing.  If we are capable of forgiving others, we free our heart and soul from every bit of grudge against others and fill it with love and compassion. Holding grudges against others does only one thing; it damages our spiritual health and sense of wellbeing. Forgiving others will bring following benefits in your life:

  • Unlimited happiness in your life

  • It sets you free from any form of hate and envy

  • Other people will also become more forgiving towards you

  • It will make you more expressive towards others

  • It will teach you patience to tolerate other people’s behaviors

  • Your relationships and friendships will become strong and deep-rooted

  • It will boost your confidence and then your self-esteem

Our desire to self-love is embedded in our ability to forgive others. How can you learn to love yourself if people call you selfish and negligent? How can you learn to love yourself if the environment around you is gloomy? When you love yourself, you accept yourself the way you are. You respect your limitation and honor your feelings. You place your happiness and your health on the highest ranks because if you fail to love yourself, you will genuinely fail to love and forgive others as well.

Self-love is a state of self-appreciation that grows from our actions and finally affects our spiritual and emotional health. Self-love is a very dynamic, if we promote self-love within us, it enables us to accept our weaknesses as well as our strengths. Below are few things we can do in our day to day life to promote self-love in our lives.

  • Do something which you are good at or whatever makes you happy. It will release endorphins in your body and infuse you with unending happiness.

  • Pamper/nurture yourself with a warm soothing bath or body massage. You deserve to be the best of you.

  • Accept the good, the bad, the ugly, the sexy and the smelly in yourselves. Accept yourself as a whole person.

  • Cook yourself delicious meals and treat your health with all the necessary veggies and fruits.

If you choose and practice just one or two actions of self-love mentioned above, you will eventually begin to love and respect yourself more than anything in the world. And if you allow yourself to do these things, you will forgive others more easily and more self-love you will promote within yourself and with others.

Teara Booker